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update after 2 years + holiday excitement

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 5:10 PM
Hello fellow watchers (If you're still out there :fear:)

I hope everyone is doing well :meow: :D

I've decided it's time to update my journal entry - As the last one I did was 8th September 2010 :lol: - Woops.

So a lot has happened in the last two years since my last update, but I won't go into details too greatly about all the things that have happened. I'll just talk about a few of the key things that have happened :D
My lovely girlfriend Elissa arrived in Perth in February this year, all the way from Canada, which has been the most amazing year ever for me. We've looked around quite a few places in Perth, especially a few places I hadn't ever been to before. You'll be able to track most of our adventures, from the photography we both upload :D
We've been hot air ballooning, traveled down to Margaret River and surrounding places, visited all over the local countryside looking at different places and also many more exciting stuff.

I've still been working for the employer I was in 2010, so nothing has changed much since then work wise :nod: - I'm hoping to finally get a decent pay raise after my holidays, or I'll be looking for a new job =P

Elissa and I are going to Phuket from the 21st of October to the 5th of November :la: - I'm super excited, and a bit nervous too! I've never left the country, so this is going to be a lovely experience for me, with great company :heart: :D
I've booked quite a few things for us to do while we're there, which includes FantaSea, a day trip speed boat tour of the islands with snorkeling, Rollerball (Zorbing), Simon Cabaret and many more other exciting things :)

Though I PROMISE I'll update my journal once we're back :lol: :D

Time for a few features now I think :D

Aurora Australis by CapturingTheNight Lost by ShesABromide
Wood Duck by MayEbony Hide and seek by lilfrogs
between by O-Gosh Cardboard Overload by MARX77
sunrise1 by omarkawe :bigthumb308690305:
Crawford sends a trainee to me? by DeFutura Tricky Bees-ness -3 by truthdenied

Take care everyone :glomp: :meow:

Update again

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 8, 2010, 5:36 AM

Well well well...

I decided it was time I wrote another journal, though there is nothing exciting really going on in my life :shrug:

Well, lets start from the recent and work my way back as far as I can remember :giggle:

So at this present time, it’s 8.25pm. My stupid family have been too loud, so I can’t sleep yet, even though they know I have to be up at 1.30am. I got an hour sleep between 6.45 and 7.45, but then got woken up. Now my body “thinks” that I was just having a nap, so I’m wide awake now :X Thank god my parents are going on holiday tomorrow for 10 days, so I MAY actually be able to catch up on some sleep :|

Work is work I guess, it’s getting to our busiest time of the year, which is summer. I was given a payraise a few weeks ago, I was hell pumped about it until I read it was very minimal, but I guess more money is better than nothing I guess :nod:  I need more sleep, but with this job and having the most uncaring family around, it makes it very hard.
Income is going okay, saved $13k this year, including the $4.5k I had from last year. So that’s not a bad effort I guess. I’m going to keep saving, so I can afford to get to Canada :heart: and then to buy a house.

Tennis coaching is the usual, and my tennis season finished a few weeks ago. We won for our division, which was nice. Premiers of 2010 Winter again :D – I’m waiting for summer, I get an extra  4 or so hours of coaching, so extra money :D

I haven't taken much photography the last few weeks, I've been so excessively tired, that I'm just not motivated enough :O Or cooking for that matter, which is another hobby I have on my 4 days off :nod: But I'll try and catch up on some sleep the next two nights :nod:

Well, I don’t know what else to say… But if anyone is interested in any particular area, you can just ask :lol: :D

Take care :):hug:

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Update =O

Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 5:51 PM

Hello Fellow Deviants!

I hope all is well for you all :D

So, what has been happening? - Work is going well, though the hours are killing me... 2.30am starts are just ridiculous and then working a 12-15 hour day too :O But the money is good, considering and I enjoy the free breakfasts and lunches. :D

I just ordered my Metallica tickets, they're coming to Perth at the end of this year, so that should be quite good to see :D Another band I can tick off my list :lol:

Tennis has started back up, coaching the little children again and started playing competition tennis again, which is nice to do some exercise, other than running :)

I've been very tired lately from this job, but I do intend to go have a muck around with the camera again and try to fluke some crazy shots :D So watch out =P

I thought I would feature a few artists that don't get enough appreciation for their amazing art work :D - So PLEASE check out the following artists :D

:iconshesabromide: ShesABromide My beautiful gorgeous Elissa :hug: I love you!
She Makes Green Fire by ShesABromide Against the Sky by ShesABromide
A Little Crazy by ShesABromide In Search of Flight by ShesABromide

:iconspirik: spirik
Peacefull uncalmness full by spirik Tracing the setting sun by spirik
Spring in the city 2 by spirik Sunset time 1 HDRi Mastering by spirik

:iconthoradox: Thoradox
:thumb162796104: :thumb159889349:
:thumb156575474: :thumb145258572:

:icondaveryanis: daveryanis
Shades Of Spring by daveryanis Angry Violet by daveryanis
The Lost Ones by daveryanis Scorched Mountain by daveryanis

:icontinzart: tinzart
:thumb41338198: :thumb40963078:
:thumb85538499: :thumb153709128:

Take care everyone :) :hug:

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Year No. 5 - Presents =) + Life Update

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 8:44 PM

Hi guys,

So... as you probably haven't noticed, in exactly 1 week I will have been with deviantART for 5 years. Over this time I have enjoyed lots of artists and their work.

So I've decided that I'll be celebrating this, by giving some of my fellow watches with dA subscriptions.

Now, I have way too many to choose from, so I want people to write a quick spiel about why you think you deserve one and name your favourite piece in my gallery :giggle:

Or if you have someone you recommend for a subscription, I'll see what I think :)


So I've finally got a new job, which is going well. I get paid more than my last job, for only working 3 days a week :D It fits my schedule perfectly because I still have time to catch up with people through the 4 other days and I can still coach tennis, as I don't work on Friday and Saturday :D

Now that I have a job, I can afford to go out and catch up with my friends, which I have been doing quite often :) I love to splurg money on people :nod:

I keep meaning to get around to doing some more photography, though as you might have noticed, I lack motivation, time and feel I can never meet a satisfying standard for my work :P

I did my tennis coaching accreditation in January, so I'm not a qualified tennis coach (though I've been coaching for 5 years now). I'm quite busy helping my local tennis club, developing their new clubhouse and facilities and organising and running the journal tournaments.

So, over the last 2 years I've been going to see as many musicians live I can (as music is a major passion of mine). These are the ones I enjoyed the most:

The Police, Fergy, Fiction Plane, Simon & Garfunkel, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper and Relentless 7, Liam Finn, Placebo, Karnivool, Kisschasy, The Temper Trap, Eskimo Joe, Hilltop Hoods, Powderfinger, Muse, Andrew Winton, Lisa Mitchell, Newton Faulkner, Angus & Julia Stone, Buddy Guy, John Butler Trio, Crowded House, Colour The Sky, Closure In Moscow, Pyschonaut, Mandalay Victory.

Though I've probably forgotten some of them :giggle:

I hope everyone is doing well :D

Keep submitting! :hug:


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Hello Hello!

Well, nothing has been happening really :) - I lost my job a few weeks ago, which I'm very very happy about :) I've been wanting to get out of that job for a long time, and this way I still receive a good reference and friendships from my old job :)

So, I decided to take a few weeks off just lazing about at home, catching up on sleep... I started coaching tennis again, so I'm still getting a little bit of an income in, plus I got a pay raise from that :)

I'll start hunting for a new job soon :thumbsup: - Something I'm more interested in, unlike my old job :D

Well, I shall be submitting a few new pieces, I've been going for some bushwalks, it's just been a pain stitching all these panoramas together and finding the better ones, but I promise you'll see some new stuff soon.

Anyway, I have done a music quiz below. Give it a crack :lol: :)


Stolen from :iconmeghan-solo:

Instructions: Open up your iTunes (or WinAmp, or whatever) and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 14584
How many hours or days of music: 41.9 Days
Most recently played: Always - Bon Jovi
Most played: Bulletproof... I Wish I Was - Radiohead
Most recently added: A-ha - new album titled "Foot Of The Mountain"

Sort by song title
First Song: A-OK - Motion City Soundtack
Last Song: 9PM (Till I Come) - Atb

Sort by time.
Shortest Song: By Mennen- D Major - The Blanks (4 seconds)
Longest Song: Woodstock 99 Full Set - Metallica (1 hour, 52 minutes, 48 seconds)

Sort by album
First album: Absolution - Muse
Last album: 8 Mile - Eminem
First song that comes up on Shuffle: 01 Sonata 16 in G Op.31,1 - I - Allegro vivace - Ludwig van Beethoven

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 168
Life - 255
Love - 696
Hate - 24
You - 1583
Sex - 44


Take care all :)
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Hello boys and girls... I'm not too sure how many of you are still around watching me :giggle:, but I'll give it a crack!

I want to introduce you to my old friend from school. He has just joined dA and you all MUST go check out his poetry and drawings, they're amazing.

Ben - :iconbjcmatthews:

Go there now!


and w00t for 10,000 Page Views :)
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Hello my devious companions!

I just 7,600 pageviews, which is quite nice (Thanks Damaris :hug:) ;)

Tomorrow I get my cast off this arm, so I will be able to play tennis again and start doing some photography B-)

Thank you to my new friends and watchers on dA ;) I'm very appreciative of your comments :D :hug:

So... how has everyone been?

I've been doing quite well, met some new people, spending too much money as usual and now needing to catch up on sleep from going out too much :giggle: - It's all fun :D

Well, I hope you're all well and you best keep submitting or else! :threaten: :love:

By the way, I love that eager emoticon at the bottom, quite amusing.


You would seem to frail... In the cold of the night... When the armies of emotions... Go out to fight...
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Hello my devious watchers (though I rarely have any left, especially after leaving.. a few times now haha)

I have made a few changes in my life, I had a really rough period this year... But, I am now getting past them and trying to enjoy life a lot more. :)

I would like to say "I am back officially" now. I broke my wrist about a month ago, I still have two weeks left, but I have come to terms I can't leave this place.

I would also like to introduce a friend of mine, he is a VERY talented writer. I'm quite jealous of his skill, hehe.

Introducing... :iconvaenom89: Vaenom89

Check out his new deviation "A Modern Day Dilemma" -…

I hope to be submitting a small writing I did tonight, sometime soon.

Plus once my wrist is better, I will be doing more photography.

I hope you're all well :hug:

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I'm off to clean up my life :)
Won't be on dA anymore! Thanks guys



If you want to keep in contact, e-mail me.

Take care :hug: :)